Memories of my Glace Bay Family by Pat Bulmer

I write this memoir in memory of my grandparents who emigrated from Poland in very difficult conditions for a brighter future. Though we may not look at that future as brighter in retrospect, it was to them a steady job and a future for their children. However humble that future may have been it was a real possibility.

I write it in memory of my father and his brothers who worked in Caledonia coal mine from the time they were children until they reached the age of 65. Each uncle evokes a memory of a personality that I can recall so easily because they were characters all.

I write in memory of my mother who was such a big influence in the lives of all the families on our little street and indeed the neighbourhood.

I write it for all my cousins, especially those who lived on that piece of land that had been my grandfather’s.

I write it for my children so that they may know their roots.

Pat Bulmer