Inside View: The Eye Behind the Lens by Michael G. Varga with Roxanne Davies

“Any fan of TV sports, or the business of TV, will love Inside View.
Its unique perspective, from a man who was here, there, and everywhere, gives us a rich array of background stories of the action we saw only from our screens.”  
~ Bill Gaston,
author of The Cameraman.

My job as a sports cameraman took me around the world. I met thousands of people and worked on hundreds of assignments. I recorded stories at nine Olympics, four Commonwealth Games, the Pan Am Games and World Track and Field, FIFA World Cup, World Cup skiing events around the world, figure skating championships, many Grey Cup Games and six Canada Games as well as hundreds of NHL hockey games. 

When I look through the lens I read people instantly. A lens can amplify facial expressions. I see the emotion written on their face. Are they happy or unhappy, worried or confident, relaxed or anxious, secure or insecure? After working for over forty years in this industry I’ve come to realize that being the guy behind the camera was a comfortable place to be. Three things were important in my life: family, work and the women I loved. 

Michael G. Varga

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