Call Me Pisher: A Madcap Romp Through City Hall by Howard Moscoe

“My grandfather was a horse thief, My grandmother a bootlegger, My father a bookmaker and my brother a scalper; so there was nothing left for me but politics.”

Thus begins Call Me Pisher – A Madcap Romp Through City Hall, the hilarious, informative and undoubtedly (to some) maddening account of City Councillor Howard Moscoe’s 32 years in public office.

As you’ll discover in this soon-to-be-published book, Moscoe used the tradecraft of all those questionable vocations to cajole, manipulate and beguile his council colleagues. While he advanced an agenda that often focused on derailing his political opponents, it was always driven by the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life in his ward and in the city as a whole.

You will also discover why the name Moscoe elicited widely varying, and sometimes extreme, reactions.

Former Mayor Mel Lastman derided Moscoe as “the best excuse for birth control I know.”

Councillor Adam Vaughan hailed Moscoe’s “ability to drive those in power crazy. In fact, if he were on your side he could drive you crazy too. His style could inspire and confound you all at the same time.”

Toronto Life, marking his retirement from politics in 2010, expressed “hope that the next council can live up to the same level of wit and absurdity.”

And Toronto Star columnist Royson James offered this assessment: “Moscoe is no angel. He is a blustery, bombastic, hard-nosed advocate for the disabled, the downtrodden, and anyone else that comes up against the wall of bureaucracy that is often erected at city hall. His advocacy often brings him into conflict with the bureaucrats who really run the city. What the councillor lacks in finesse he makes up in integrity.”

There are bugs under every rock and in 32 years of public office Howard Moscoe managed to turn over a lot of boulders. You can be the first to read about them by snagging an advanced copy of this soon to be much-reviled chronicle. Who knows? You may even be in it.