A Slight Twinkling In the Atomic Structure. A Selection of Life Stories by Wanja Twan

 “It takes a long time to become a human being.” ~ Native Wisdom

The original idea for the book was to share with awe and excitement about Mrs. Takata and my own life. All the glorious things that have happened as a strong statement that life is great, exciting, interesting and expandable!

When I know how certain things work, I want to pass that knowledge on, to facilitate people’s lives, to enhance it as it has mine.

This worked in my life, these are the things that made my life run smoothly.

These are methods that brought me back to my core if I got too pushed by heavy demand on my time.

In Reiki, it is the simplicity of its form that I learned from Mrs. Takata that attracted me. I knew that form would allow me to practice it.

It would fit into my daily life perfectly, as taught by her.

I would like to pass it on in just that form and simplicity of hand movements and initiations, of class time and social time.

It had a wonderful format, suitable to our time, the time that is now and the future.

In love and light, caring and sharing and for fun!

Wanja Twan